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Teléfono: 94 427 25 32
Mail: comercial@bilboarmarios.com

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Our extensive experience in custom furniture manufacturing here at Bilboarmarios has allowed us to achieve a stable and durable product.

For decades we have been manufacturing furniture, specializing in custom cabinets, dressers, shelves, and bedroom furniture. From our headquarters in Logroño, we have been working to create innovative, quality products for our customers that are both reliable and durable. 

Our years of experience have enable us to become a leader in the furniture industry, accumulating a great amount of insight into the products we make and building a valuable team of employees that make is possible to develop our products.

Bilboarmarios offers many varieties of door designs as well as different options for opening and closing systems that provide comfort and elegance to suit the particular needs of each individual.


C/Autonomía 55 / Tfno. 94 427 25 32 / Fax 94 427 44 51
48009 BILBAO
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